Blog vs Vlog difference, income, earning, scope in 2020

After hearing the words like Blog and vlog there are several questions come up in our mind like what’s blogging, the way to start blogging, what are the assorted niches of blogging, What makes an excellent blogger or vlogger is that the ability to fall soft on with the method of writing content online or producing video content! and also the list goes on.

Let’s first understand, What is Blog ?


A blog is an informational website published on an internet site typically run by a personal or small group that writes and puts content thereon.

A blogger is someone who writes content for a blog and blogging. However,  if you’re not so good at writing then you’ll be able to hire a freelance content writer.

After reading this one question comes up in your mind

I really like writing content is that this enough for a web site or blog to rank on google and earn money.

So the answer is No, there are several other factors for ranking of the website like the quality of content, speed of loading of the website, and SEO of the website.

Now after reading this you think that if there are so many factors for ranking of the website the what is the need for making such kind of website,
So the best answer is blogging is a hobby but nowadays it becomes an earning method, Although it is not wrong if someone pays you for your passion then it is a good thing. So my advice is to start blogging as a passion then only you will succeed in blogging.

Now, Lets understand what is Vlog ?

What is vlog

The term “vlog” originally comes from a blog. It is short video blogs where information is shared in form of video.

Basically, A vlog, or video blog, could be a short video that typically has someone reprehension the camera and talking a couple of topics that they’re an authority on. Vloggers may use a vlog to document their life in how.

The most popular platform for vlogging is Youtube.

People create youtube channels where they upload motivational videos, educational videos, memes, funny videos, or anything which is interesting for your targeted audience. etc.

So According to survey it is found that people are more engaged in vlogging rather then blog,

blog vs vlog

But as i always said it always depend on your passion.

Some of the famous vloggers and bloggers are :

Famous Vloggers

  1. Roman Atwood Vlogs
  2. Dan is Not Interesting (Daniel Howell)
  3. Amazing Phil
  4. Pointless Blog Vlogs
  5. Tyler Oakley
  6. Casey Neistat
  7. Jon Olsson
  8. Vlog Brothers
  9. Superwoman Vlogs
  10. Fun For Louis

Famous Bloggers

  1. Gary Vaynerchuk
  2. Rand Fishkin
  3. Pat Flynn
  4. Brian Clark
  5. Andrew Sullivan
  6. Michael Arrington
  7. Tim Ferriss
  8. Meet Darren Rowse
  9. Arriana Huffington – Huffington Post
  10. Peter Rojas – Engadget

Things to take into consideration when deciding to be a blogger vs vlogger

  • Your strength
  • Your Passion
  • Resources
  • Your Goal

Earning Potential Blog vs Vlog

So, Before starting a blog or Vlog, You always wanted to know how much do you earn from a Blog and blog so here is the answer.

How to make money through Vlog:

Making money through vlogging isn’t difficult if your content has the potential to win the hearts and minds of the audience. The success of your vlog is all dependent upon the number of viewers and subscribers you’ve got. always attempt to make your content interesting to get more subscribers on youtube.

 you’ll be able to earn money with Google Adsense by allowing Google to display ads on your youtube videos. This service is free and simple to use.

You only have to create an Adsense account and link it to Youtube. Google will place ads in your videos and you’ll get a commission anytime someone sees the advertisement.

How to make money Through Blog:

There are such a large amount of alternative ways to earn money from Blogging like Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored posts, Adsense, Email marketing, etc.

Adsense works in the same way within which Google places ads in your blog and provides you commission per engagement on each ad. Earning through affiliate marketing is very easy.

In this, you can promote products of other brands and get a commission.

Sponsoring is additionally useful in blogging to form money. In this, you’ll promote the opposite business by creating a post on your blog and you’ll get obtained each post.

So According to my opinion, Both have their own importance So it totally depends on your passion for what you want to start. Because if you Love what you do and do what you love